A: We rent lists from list brokers for one-time use. The lists include the names and addresses of people who have previously purchased something by mail. We choose lists of prospects whose previous purchase indicates that they are likely to be interested in a marketing offer.

Q: Where do you get your mailing lists and what information do they contain?

Q: How many additional days will it take to mail my postcards if I have you design them compared to designing them myself?

A: It takes our excellent graphics team about three business days to complete a design, so please allow for those few extra days when planning your next custom order.

A: If you have designed your own graphics to go on the press, we will need a high-quality PDF file in CMYK colors for each side. If you would like us to put together a design but you have artwork you would like to include, make sure the images are submitted in high resolution (300 dpi) to ensure the boldest, most vibrant graphics possible. They can be in jpg or gif format.

Q: What types of file formats do you accept?

Q: Can I have postcards printed and sent to me, so I can hand them out or include them with something else I mail?

A: Yes. You still must pay for custom printing if we have to print your URL on them. The price is lower when there is no custom printing.

A: We are a one-stop full-service print and mail service. Our mailing services include data processing, CASS certification of addresses, name and address ink-jetting, postal presorting, and delivery to our bulk mail Post Office.

Q: What is included in your mailing services?

A: Yes. If you want us to include your names as part of the list for a larger mailing, there may be an additional setup fee if your list is under 3,000. Please send the names and addresses in either CRV or TXT format.

Q: Can I have you mail the postcards with my mailing list?

A: Your URL is the web address the postcard directs prospects to. We can accommodate a URL of up to 40 characters. However, a URL that long has to be in a smaller print size and is less attractive to a prospect who has to type it into his/her browser's address bar. If you have a long, unattractive URL, we recommend that you shorten it with a redirect at your web site or with a free online redirect service such as Since your web site is critical in a direct mail campaign, we will test your URL before your postcard order is processed. Be advised that we will not process your order until your website is operational.

Q: What is the limit for the length of a web site URL on a postcard?


A: If you encounter problems, such as your password not working while placing your order with PayPal Checkout, visit PayPal's Help Center or contact PayPal's customer support.

If you would like to place an order using two credit cards or you have some other issue that you need resolved before ordering, please contact our customer support department to obtain help.

Q: What do I do if I have problems or concerns with PayPal Checkout?

A: It will take approximately 7 business days from the time of your order to when your mailing is delivered to the post office. Allow 3 additional business days for any requested graphics work. First-Class mail normally takes up to 4 days for delivery to recipients nationwide. Standard-Class mail will take an average of 7-20 days for delivery to recipients.

Full-service postcard orders are processed using First-Class mail. Full-service letter orders are processed using Standard-Class mail. Letter orders may be upgraded to First-Class mail at an additional charge.

Q: How long does it take for my marketing material to reach the households?

A: In addition to sending your materials out to addressees on the mailing lists, we will arrange for one copy to be sent to your address as well. If for some reason we weren’t able to verify your 10-digit zip code, your copy will be sent to our office. Proof of mailing is available for custom jobs. Affiliate jobs are processed as a group mailing.

Q: Will I be sent any verification that my order was filled and delivered correctly?

A: All postcard orders placed by 10:00 AM Thursday morning (PST) will be processed that same week and mailed Friday. All letter orders will be mailed the following Friday. Letter mailings have a longer turn time than postcards as additional folding, inserting, and envelope printing is involved. All print and ship orders for postcards and business cards are shipped directly to the customer via FedEx within 3 business days.

We do offer recurring shipping. To setup a recurring order, please contact our office. We also offer the option to divide a single order into multiple shipping schedules. Splitting orders into multiple mailings will have an additional charge to cover postal fees.

Q: What are your deadlines?


A: Response rates will vary depending on the marketing campaign. In terms of direct mail, however, percentage-based response rates can be rather deceiving. While you could be recording a seemingly meager 1-2% response rate, you are most likely overlooking the positive return on investment (ROI) your campaign has given you due to direct mail’s unique combination of effectiveness and affordability.  While it is not in our power to guarantee a certain response rate, tracking data has shown that campaigns using our Hotline Responder lists garner twice as many responses as those utilizing traditional compiled lists.

Keep in mind that the key to success with a direct mail campaign is repetition; the more people see your postcard in the mailbox, the more likely they will be to remember your products and services.

Please note that MSI is not responsible, nor do we guarantee, a response to any mailing whatsoever. Should you wish to inquire about response rates to your mailing, you will have to contact the affiliate program that is managing the marketing campaign. The affiliate programs for which we offer printing and mailing services are not owned or controlled by MSI, and we assume no liability whatsoever related to their operations or the claims made in their advertising

Q: What is the typical response rate to a direct mail campaign?

A: It is ideal to first send prospects to your own website where you can track response and perhaps offer them something free in return for joining your email list. If you do not have a website, we suggest using a free online redirect service such as By using, you can have an attractive URL that does not look like an affiliate link, and you can get detailed statistics on how many people use the link to go to the website you are promoting.

Furthermore, if you ever decide to change affiliate programs or to send prospects to your own landing page first, you can change the destination URL at the redirect service, and any remaining postcards will automatically send prospects to the new destination.

Q: If my postcards send prospects to an affiliate link, how can I tell how many prospects respond to the postcards and go there?