Got Something to Mail?

Mailing Lists

Using the right mailing lists is a key factor in making direct mail profitable. We are able to select the best lists for your offer because of our longstanding relationships with experienced list managers and list brokers and our long history of tracking the response to many of the lists in the health, opportunity, and consumer credit markets.

We process your data by key coding each list and verifying the addresses using CASS software. The lists are then merged, and names (and addresses) are removed when they are duplicates from being on more than one list or when they match an address in your buyer file or in our file of previous mailings of your offer.

Hotline Responders

For most offers, hotline buyer lists are best. They consist of the most recent buyers of offers that are similar to or related to yours. New hotline responder lists become available each month,or each quarter, depending on the quantity of buyer names that the list owner produces. There are thousands of such lists available, all categorized and documented, so we know exactly how it was produced and what kind of product the people purchased.

Most buyer lists rent for an average cost of $125 per thousand when all list processing factors are taken into account.

Compiled Lists

Compiled lists are best when the offer is for a very narrowly defined ideal customer profile. They can be targeted by categories such as age, income, gender, home value, interests, occupation, geographic locations and many other lifestyle profiles. These lists are available in huge sizes.

Compiled business lists usually focus on a group of Standard Industrial Classification codes and are further selected based on the size and location of the business.

Mailing Products

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