My Brand New Postcard Marketing System Can Literally Change Your Life (Financially) Forever

…If You Allow Me A Few Minutes To Explain!


Meet Joel Broughton 

Dear Future “Successful” Postcard Mailer,

I would like to ask you for a favor, and then I’ll share with you exactly how you are going to be able to change your life (financially) forever with my simple postcard mailing program. Do you mind?

Can you suspend any disbelief for just the next 10 minutes? Disbelief in postcard marketing systems, money-making programs, multi-level marketing, and any other so-called business opportunities that you have previously invested in?

And let me tell you why I’m asking you to suspend your disbelief. It’s because somebody made money in all of those programs and businesses that you joined…it just wasn’t you.

And it’s not for the reasons you were told.

The Reason That You Didn’t Make Money Is Because The System Owner Designed The Business For “Them” To Make Money And Not For You

You were already fighting impossible odds before you even started. The likelihood of you making money in their “programs” or “systems” was already almost ZERO when you signed up. They had already decided long before you joined that you were going to pay for their success…and you did (unknowingly).

And if anyone tells you otherwise…you should be highly skeptical. Ask yourself where does their best interest really lie? Do they have any motivation to actually help you make money from home? Do they just want to take your hard-earned money and put it directly into their bank account?

I’ve Failed At Lots Of Business Opportunities…
And That’s Exactly Why I’m The Most Qualified To Help You

If you’re anything like me, you know that it’s POSSIBLE to make money from home. But, you probably realize that it’s not as easy as people say it is. Am I right?

There are so many people flashing big checks, fancy cars, exotic vacations, and telling you about their “overnight success” that you can copy. And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned the hard way…by failing…it’s that there is no such thing as overnight success.

In fact, if you believe that overnight success in a home business is possible…then you might as well stop reading right now…because it’s absolutely, 100% not real.

I Was Excited And Irritated At The Same Time

I still remember sitting in that hot, sweaty banquet hall listening to “leaders” on stage talk about their “overnight” success in their home-based business. I was feeling excited and irritated at the same time.

I was excited because I really, really wanted to make millions like them.

I was irritated because I felt like I was following their “success tips” and getting no success, no money, and no results like they were promising. They kept telling me to listen to one more audio, read one more book, and I would break-through like they did.

But, I didn’t want one more audio, video, book, or seminar. I wanted to get rich. I wanted results. And that’s when it hit me…

I Needed To Immediately STOP Doing What They Were Telling Me To Do And START Doing What They Were Really Doing (Behind The Scenes)…

Have you ever been doing something the hard way for years?
Have you ever struggled and then someone comes along
and shows you an easier way and it just finally “clicks” for you?

I was sitting in a crowded room. All the noise around me was suddenly drowned out by my own big “AHA!” I finally realized that it was only me - that was holding me back…not them. I was doing it all wrong by building my business the same way everyone else was. Are you doing this? Are you just following the crowd?

If it hasn’t clicked for you yet. That’s okay. This is kind of a weird concept and really doesn’t come naturally to most people. Is it okay for me to explain it to you?

These top leaders told me they were just selling their network marketing opportunity. But they were really selling: the network marketing cassettes, CD’s, and books,training seminars and leadership summits.

They didn’t want me (and you) to know the truth! Because they weren’t going to give us a cut of all of the other sales that they were making to everyone.

That’s When I Realized I Was Doing It All Wrong!

You see, most people (you and me included), aren’t able to be profitable by just selling one business opportunity, one book, one course, or one program. The math just doesn’t work. You mail 100 postcards or letters which cost you somewhere between $85-$100 and you just can’t get a high enough response rate to be profitable. The more money you ask for in your business opportunity or product…the lower the response rate gets…the less money you make.

So, the key is selling multiple products, businesses, or programs. Yes, this is the key to success in a home-based business, direct sales, postcard marketing, and direct mail. If you get nothing else from reading this letter, I hope you remember this one simple sentence: 

The key is selling multiple products, businesses, or programs!

WARNING: Please Do NOT Attempt This Alone

Before we go any further together I do want to give you fair warning. If you try to do this by yourself there is a 99.9% chance you will fail miserably. I’m not saying this to scare you. I just feel like it’s my responsibility to be totally honest about what’s going on in our industry.

I’ve seen many people (almost everyone) in direct mail today, doing this type of business completely wrong. But it’s not your fault and it’s not their fault. It’s just that nobody is showing you exactly how to set it up correctly.

I have one big confession to make before we go on:

“I Am Probably The Laziest Direct Mail Marketer You Will Ever Meet”

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t do any work. I work probably as much as many people do at their full-time jobs. But, I have achieved complete time freedom and I make more than the average person in the United States does in today’s economy. So, I really have nothing pushing me to work any harder (or smarter) than I already do. This makes me lazy.

Making money is now the easy part for me. The hard part (now that I’m being totally honest), has been getting myself to go to that “next level”. You see, my life has been too comfortable for the last 15 years. I’ve made good money, we’ve lived in very nice houses, I drive new cars, and we vacation regularly.

I don’t have a boss. I don’t have a job, and I haven’t since 2004. But I do have a new dream that I’m working on right now that involves a much larger investment of money than I’ve ever had to come up with before. And that is the reason, probably the only reason, that I’m sharing these secrets with you. And it’s also why I’ve set up an entirely NEW POSTCARD MARKETING SYSTEM that can change your life (financially) forever…if you join me.

The Second Most Important Thing Is This…

It doesn’t matter WHAT makes you money…as long as you’re making money. In the last 15 years I’ve talked to 1000’s of people that told me that they would never join a network marketing business, or a postcard business, or a direct mail company because years ago they lost money in one. My advice to you is simple: “Don’t miss out on an opportunity today, just because you failed at something similar in the past.”

Failure is what makes us smarter. When you fell down as a toddler, did you get right back up and try to walk again? Did your parents encourage you to keep trying until you could do it? Did you ever go on a date with someone and it was horrible? Did that stop you from looking for the husband or wife of your dreams?

Life is about learning from our mistakes and not being afraid to get up and try again. Success is about trying UNTIL you make it. And that’s what we’re going to do!

I Made This Marketing System To Give You A Chance To Finally Break Through To Make A Full Time Income From Home

Yes, I’ve finally stopped being so lazy and created a full postcard marketing system that can be profitable for EVERY SINGLE MEMBER that mails our postcards…and here’s why.

In most postcard marketing (and direct mail) systems out there, this is how it works:

1.      You mail the postcards/letters.

2.      Some people buy and you get paid.

3.      The end.

But the problem with that method is that it’s usually only profitable for the owner of the marketing system and NOT for all the members (like you!).

This is how OUR system works:

1.      You mail the postcards.

2.      Some people buy and you get paid.

3.      Our entire team mails more postcards – which builds your residual monthly income!

4.      I mail follow up letters and offers – and you get paid AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!


You just mail postcards, but you get big income like all of the TOP Direct Mail Marketers. Can you imagine what it will be like to mail out a completely done-for-you postcard (including the leads printed on them) and know that your marketing will literally keep going and make you money for months, as I send your prospects more follow up offers?

Let me tell you one final thing. If you want to make money you have to mail to NEW LEADS, remove bad addresses, track USPS forwarding addresses, NCOA your data, maintain a do not mail list, and so much more. I already do all of this for you. All of your postcards will already come pre-printed with the BEST leads that are fully vetted to make sure they are the most correct, fresh data that we can use for HOT opportunity buyers. Then, I’ll handle all of the sales, all of the follow up letters, all of the follow up offers…everything.

So, Will You Join Me?

You will get everything you need to get started in this business and I’ll even show you how you can automatically build a residual income with us through our TEAM POSTCARD MAILINGS. Sound incredible? Get started now and see for yourself how great this can be!


Yes, I understand all I will have to do is mail postcards to help advertise! I understand that you will do all the follow up sales and marketing on my behalf.


Yes, I would like to join your Postcard Marketing System. Please send me your full welcome package for only $99 (pay only $12 shipping now)!

This will cover the cost of your welcome package, 100 postcards with leads, plus your 50 page book and system report.         

In order to make this easy for everyone,  after you review the entire package, you will make two payments to cover the costs:
one $50 payment payable to the member that referred you (these payment instructions will be in your welcome kit) and the 2nd payment will be payable to our List, Print & Mail Co.

Your welcome package purchase will pay a commission to one of our members that helped us to determine that you were a great potential partner! This will be the same for you…
YOU will get paid these same $50 commissions when you refer partners to this program! 

(Remember all you do is advertise using our postcard campaigns)


Please make your $12 payment for shipping using the Buy Now button below:

(You'll find the VIP Access Code on the postcard, letter and text message you received)

VIP Access Code:

or mail your $12 payment to our fulfillment company:
Affiliate Marketing, PO Box 4723, Mission Viejo CA 92690

Your book and enrollment package will be shipped to you within 2 working days.
Your 100 postcards & leads will be shipped separately after you review the package and
select the quantity and shipping method. (you'll have the full service option for us to mail them)
We look forward to working with you! ...and welcome to My Elite Group!

If you have any questions, please email:
Or Call 24/7 Support: 646-653-1013   

See What Others Are Saying!

I’ve been in this for about 30 days and I have over 122 people already. I don’t have a lot of time to build a business like this and that’s why I appreciate this system. All I do is mail the postcards.
— Jay from Nevada
I’m a proud new member. I can’t say enough about working with Joel Broughton. I’ve known him for a number of years. This new program is great. Joel is the best guy to work with, you can really trust him.
— Pete from Michigan
Since 2010, I’ve created postcard systems and enrolled more than 12,000 people in 3 different companies. In 2016, I joined with Joel and created more success than ever before. This system will bring in 1000’s of members. I’m excited for all the people we are going to help!
— Dr. Dick from Ohio
This is very exciting! I first joined the business because of the team with Joel, but I’m even more excited about how practical the price is for the average person.
— Charles from North Carolina
I’ve known Joel from another business, he’s a good guy and very honest. He provides everything you need to be successful. When I first heard about this I jumped right on it because it’s very low cost and very easy to do. Anybody can mail postcards!
— Chris from New York
I’m really happy and excited to join this. I’ve never been successful before and with this system it makes it really easy. This system does most of the work for us. I don’t have to talk to people or create a website. I know that Joel is successful and he is a man with honesty and integrity and cares about helping people! I’m very happy and excited
— Martine from Mexico
I’ve been in marketing for some time and this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever joined!
— Jan from California
I just want to say this is the deal I’ve been looking for forever!
— Steve from Illinois
This new program with Joel is so exciting and different than everything out there. I’ve been in this industry for 10 years and the thing that always stopped me was the marketing or selling. The one thing that attracted me here is that the marketing component is already fully built-in to this business…everyone can send postcards!
— Vernon from Missouri
Really excited about this business. I’ve only been in for a week and I already have a couple people signed up through the system.
— Cynthia from Indiana
I’m really excited about what Joel is doing. Joel has been around for years and has seen it all and he’s here adding value and helping people. He’s so available and forward thinking…and he wants us all to succeed. We can build a real, genuine business for years to come with him.
— Tony from England
I’m excited about the program. It’s affordable. The service, tools, knowledge and training is great…it’s a no-brainer. If you just come in, stay active and send the postcards it’s so easy to do. Again, thank you so much! There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone can win with this!
— Roy from Louisiana